Pelvic Floor Fitness is an educational product promoting awareness, knowledge and practical know how regards optimising pelvic floor function in the fitness industry.
The objective of this program is for fitness instructors to gain assessment skills determining whether clients are correctly recruiting pelvic floor muscles.  This is a critical movement pattern for safe and effective exercise.

Coming course dates:  

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Course outline: 

                   Day 1

  • Pelvic floor muscle anatomy
  • Pelvic floor muscle function and dysfunction
  • Video MRIs of the correct and incorrect action
  • Video case presentations of belief systems of abdominal cylinder control
  • Real time ultrasound practical session (pelvic floor muscles)

                   Day 2

  • Real time ultrasound practical session (multifidis) 
  • Real time ultrasound practical session (abdominal cylinder/diaphragm)
  • Functional fitness exercise program maximising pelvic floor muscles and abdominal cylinder recruitment before exercise.

As a fitness professional be EMPOWERED and PASSIONATE about including Pelvic Floor Fitness into your exercise programs.  Your clients will love that you are respecting and interested in their deep postural muscles.


" Empowering women, dancers and athletes on their physical and nutritional journey."