Smartphone Slump
(poor posture)





We are recently warning parents about a phenomenon that we have dubbed the ‘smartphone slump’ which can lead to a lifetime of back pain if not corrected.

We have seen an influx of teenagers at Innovative Physio, complaining of headaches and sore lower backs.

These are symptoms of poor posture and are caused by society’s obsession with technology — smartphones, tablets and laptops.


Recently we posted a cautionary facebook video online showing the overflexed back of a 15 year-old using his phone. (follow the link below)

“We don’t want a child going through life, constantly slumping, not knowing how to come out of it".

The video was viewed more than 4000 times in just 24 hours because the issue was a “niggling concern” for parents.

It took one session to teach the 15-year-old client in the video how to correct his posture by using real-time ultrasound technology, and he no longer complains of back pain.

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At Innovative Physio we focus on core control and ideal posture training which can allow your child to reap the benefits of their smartphone without the pain of the slump.

Postural education allows your teenager to choose between the Smartphone Slump (loading the spine = Pain) or a more Ideal Posture (taking load off the spine = no Pain)

Teenagers love having this choice as they have forgotten how to sit well!!


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