Low back pain

As a dedicated physiotherapist at Innovative Physio, I am deeply committed to addressing low back pain, a common ailment affecting countless individuals. My approach is firmly rooted in Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT), a revolutionary method backed by the latest 2023 research from The Lancet. This research highlights CFT’s effectiveness in treating chronic low back pain through a personalized approach. It addresses the unhealthy pain-related thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that exacerbate pain and disability.

In my practice, I’ve witnessed how CFT, involving over 100 patients with chronic low back pain, produces significant and lasting improvements. Notably, it achieves these results at a considerably lower cost compared to traditional treatments. This aligns perfectly with my philosophy at Innovative Physio, where I, Gill Smith, along with my team, embrace and implement CFT in most aspects of our physiotherapy treatments.

A unique aspect of my practice is the use of mirrors. This allows clients suffering from low back pain to visually understand their habitual sitting and standing patterns. Many of these patterns unknowingly contribute to their pain. By observing themselves, clients can identify postures that either over-recruit or under-recruit their muscles, thus not supporting their structure optimally.

Manual therapy plays a crucial role in my treatment plan. I utilize it as needed to continually guide clients towards more optimal movement patterns. The goal is to achieve postures that are upright against gravity, ensuring unrestricted and fluid movement for functional activities of daily life.

At Innovative Physio, we don’t just treat symptoms; we delve into the root causes of low back pain. By understanding and modifying the behaviours and mindsets that contribute to the pain, we empower our clients towards a pain-free, functional life.




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