Which appointment type is right for me?


General Nutritional Medicine

For anyone who has a diagnosed (or undiagnosed/unknown) health issue or condition, or who would like to just improve overall health & wellbeing.

Women's Health

For the ladies! Book to work on any aspect of health relating to the reproductive system (e.g., period pain, PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, menopause) or any other aspect of female health.

Pre Conception/Pregnancy

For women who wish to get into their best health before conceiving, or who wish to receive nutrition & lifestyle support to increasing chances of conception and getting the body into a fertile state.


Support for maintenance of a healthy pregnancy, with reduced negative symptoms & prevention (e.g., stress, fatigue, swelling, illness, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, postnatal depression), increased energy & pregnancy enjoyment & optimal health for the growing baby.

Birth Preparation

For nutrition & lifestyle support in preparation for best birth outcomes - natural, home birth, or caesarean section. Each requires support for tissue integrity & elasticity, quick healing, boosted immune system (to reduce chances of sickness, infection), strength, energy, stamina, resilience, robustness, and peace of mind - in preparation for labour, birth and/or surgery. (*Grace has particular knowledge and interest in natural & home birthing, for those who are planning these.)


Support for healing after birth, including wound healing, lactation, energy, appropriate nutrition to support the new mum as well as baby, prevention or treatment of postnatal depression and other complications or conditions as a result ofpregnancy/birth, gentle care of the body to return to a normal post-pregnancy state.

Mum & Bub

For mothers who wish to receive support for themselves and/or baby, whether it is regarding a specific health issue, or for general support for improved health & wellbeing for you both. Common issues for both are: intolerances, anxiety, depression, constipation, diarrhoea, reflux, eczema, allergies, crying, sleep, colic, time/energy constraints to maintain a healthy diet, and general unease/discomforts/fatigue.

Kids' Health

Nutrition & health support for children, regarding a variety of aspects of health: digestive issues (constipation/diarrhoea), energy/fatigue, learning difficulties/disorders, ADD/HD, autism, anxiety, depression, frequent illness, allergies, restricted diets, fussy/picky eating, behavioural issues, special needs, disability. Support to manage healthy mind & body, which includes a healthy & varied diet (including techniques to improve/change), lifestyle advice, and supplementation if required.

Dancers & Athletes

Nutritional Medicine support for dancers and athletes to perform at their best, using food as medicine and appropriate supplementation.

Private Infant Massage Lessons

Infant massage assists with parent-baby bonding, sleep, crying, colic, reflux, constipation, wind, anxiety, stress, muscle relaxation, postnatal depression, circulation, preterm babies, eczema, congestion, cognitive & motor development & more. Partners can attend for free. A private appointment can be shared with someone else to split costs.


" Empowering women, dancers and athletes on their physical and nutritional journey."