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I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you all. We're launching a brand-new online platform,, an initiative that's very close to my heart and reflective of the changing times we're living in.

The idea for was born out of lockdown. As the world gradually shifted towards remote work and digital interactions, I realized the pressing need for an accessible and focused online solution for Pelvic Health conditions. This led me to create a platform that empowers women, offering them the tools and guidance to manage and improve their Pelvic Health from their homes.

My mission with is simple yet profoundly impactful: to provide a comprehensive online Pelvic Health Educational program that caters to women who are seeking to alleviate discomforts like pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, lower back pain, and to aid in their post-pregnancy recovery. Our program focuses on Pelvic Floor Muscle Functional Training, an area I'm particularly passionate about.

I'm also very excited to announce the release of our first module on Pelvic Exercise 4 Pelvic Organ Prolapse. This module embodies my years of experience and knowledge in pelvic health. It's designed to be easy to follow and understand, featuring MRI-based animations of Pelvic Floor Muscle contraction in isolation and in function. These lessons demonstrate the correct techniques for exercising pelvic floor and abdominal cylinder muscles, ensuring you gain the maximum functional benefit.

Join me on this journey with, this platform is more than just an exercise routine; it's an empowering journey toward a stronger, more confident you. I'm so proud to bring this project to life and can't wait for you to experience the benefits of my carefully crafted program.

Empowering women to maintain a strong well-functioning body.

Pelvic Exercise 4U modules are intended as supplementary, rather than as an essential part, and are an educational tool not a substitute for individualised medical treatment, and do not replace the usual care of your doctor, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, and or Pelvic Health specialist.




Physiotherapist Gill Smith produces video to fight ‘smartphone slump’

by Emma Watson, Mordialloc Chelsea Leader - May 24, 2017 4:45pm

A PHYSIOTHERAPIST is warning parents about a phenomenon she’s dubbed the ‘smartphone slump’ which can lead to a lifetime of back pain if not corrected.

Gill Smith has seen an influx of teenagers at her Edithvale practice, Innovative Physio, complaining of headaches and sore lower backs.

She says these are symptoms of poor posture and blames society’s obsession with technology — smartphones, tablets and laptops — and has posted a cautionary video online showing the distorted back of a 15 year-old using his phone.

“We don’t want a child going through life, constantly slumping, not knowing how to come out of it,” Ms Smith told Leader.

Ms Smith’s video was viewed more than 4000 times in just 24 hours because, she said, the issue was a “niggling concern” for parents.

It took one session to teach the 15-year-old client in the video how to correct his posture by using real-time ultrasound technology, and he no longer complains of back pain, Ms Smith said.

But for those who couldn’t access physiotherapists, Ms Smith’s top tip for overcoming the “slump” was being proactive, beginning when children used the computer at home.

“The children need something to put their feet on (similar to an aerobic step), they must have their legs apart and try to get the knees over their third toe — they should be able to see their big and second toe,” Ms Smith said.

She also suggested limiting children’s time in front of a computer or similar device to 30-minute blocks.

“Get them into the habit of on the computer, then off,” Ms Smith said.

“Set the clock to 30 minutes, but then go and be physical (like jump on a trampoline or bounce a ball).”

“We haven’t seen this slumped posture since the Industrial Revolution — it’s returned, because a lot of downtime and leisure time is now spent engaging on devices,” she said.

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" Empowering women to maintain a strong well-functioning body."