Most athletes know that "Core Strength" is key to success in whichever sport they participate.

This is because your core connects your upper and lower body, holds your back in alignment, and is necessary for overall speed, strength and quickness.

What most athletes don't know, is that there is much more to core strength than just sit ups and working the power muscles of the abs. Underneath and around the power muscles are the stabilizers that are just as important to train and become aware of.

In fact, the core cylinder includes the entire trunk of your body, front and back, from shoulders to pelvic floor.

At Innovative Physio, we work with athletes by assessing their core with a real time ultrasound scan to create a plan based on GYROTONIC(R) and Pilates exercises to train, and strengthen the core while creating a mental map of the body to help prevent injury.

One athlete we have worked with is Dan Biber, American Import of the Keysborough Cougars.

We have helped him rehab from injury and improve on court performance with 2 sessions a week.

Any athlete looking to have a long and healthy career will find this work to be extremely beneficial.



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